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What is Cryptojacking?

Cryptojacking is defined as the unauthorized use of your computer to mine crypto currencies.

In short, a program is installed or temporarily executed in your browser that secretly extracts crypto currencies.

JavaScript on websites is also used to mine the crypto currencies.

In a cryptojacking attack, the crypto currency mining code is transferred to the user's system without permission.

Mining is then the computer process that is executed to create coins.

The CoinBlockerLists are an open source project by ZeroDot1 to secure networks against cryptojacking attacks.

The project is primarily designed for companies, universities and other networks to provide better network protection.

The CoinBlockerLists are used worldwide and already protect thousands of computers, DOWNLOAD the CoinBlockerLists today and make your network safer.

In the list below are listed projects and applications where the CoinBlockerLists are used.

Do you want to know which companies use the CoinBlockerLists, then check out the partners page to find a list of companies that use the CoinBlockerLists.

The CoinBlockerLists are open source and are licensed under the AGPL license.

List of applications and projects that uses the CoinBlockerLists.

Your project is not on the list please contact me and I will add your project to the list.

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