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Hello CoinBlockerLists users Thanks to all who support and use CoinBlockerLists.

A special thanks goes to all who support the project from the beginning.

I work daily since October 2017 to keep the CoinBlockerLists always up to date.

And I like to do it, because it helps a lot of people worldwide to protect their computers and network infrastructure better against cryptomining.

There are unfortunately many bad copies of the CoinBlockerLists that are not well maintained or lists that are simply incomplete or incorrect.

This is not the case with the CoinBlockerLists, there are regular updates, and if there are problems, they are fixed as soon as possible.

If you appreciate the CoinBlockerLists and would like to donate something, feel free to make an donation made through an Amazon Wish List or send me an Amazon voucher.

Any donation is very much appreciated, thank you to everyone who donates or has donated something that is just great thank you.

How to donate an Amazon voucher

1: Go to this Amazon page (click)
2: Choose an amount and enter the email address in the email field.
3: Perform the normal ordering process.
Note: Important The voucher must be purchased via Amazon DE because I can not use the voucher otherwise.

How to donate an Amazon a Amazon Wish List

1: Go to this Amazon page (click)

2: Put what you want to donate in the shopping cart

3: Follow the normal ordering process and select the address from the wish list during the ordering process.

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