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ZeroDot1s Security IP Feeds - Better protection for your company network!

Available feeds: 7 different feeds IPv4 IPv6
License: Donationware
Protection level: Very High / Very Strong
List Type: IP addresses only
Update schedule: As often as possible
About the lists: There are IP feeds that only include IP-Addresses related to mining, and feeds that include IP-Addresses related to mining and or various malware.
False positive support: If a false positive is reported there will be an update as soon as possible.
False positives can only be reported via email to
Download Links: The publication of download links to the lists is not allowed, as this lists is for company use only and is not open source.
Pulsedive This feed is available for Pulsedive users.
Register to use the feed via Pulsedive.
Contact: Note: ZeroDot1s Security IPs Feeds is a list which is independent from the CoinBlockerLists.
This IP feed is only available for companies there are no public download URLs available.

If you have a company and would like to use the IP feeds please contact me via email at


NOTE: I reply to every email, but it can happen that the mails arrive in the spam folder.

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