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About the CoinBlockerLists

The CoinBlockerLists are a project to prevent illegal mining in browsers or other applications using IPlists and URLLists.

It's not just to block everything without any reason, but to protect internet users from illegal mining.
I created this project to protect not only myself but also as many internet users as possible from illegal mining.

If you like this project you have a company that uses the CoinBlockerLists I would be very happy about a donation.
For this I have set up an Amazon wish list, money donations are not accepted.
I see only 1% of what normal sighted people see, and do everything completely alone, I don't have a sighted person in my environment who can support me with the project.
I do everything on my own, also this website you are currently reading is built and maintained by myself.
On this way I would also like to thank all of you who have donated something so far, that's really great from you. Thank you very much.
Every donation is also an motivation for me to continue and not lose the joy of being able to do something useful.
I will continue this project as long as I can and as long as the problem with illegal mining exists.
I hope this little project helps you to surf the internet more safely.


To protect yourself, the following lists are available for download in two formats:
1. AllHosts - This list contains mostly minigpools and other hosts that are used for illegal mining.
Also the browser mining URLs are included in the AllHosts list to provide the best possible protection.

2. The list ListBrowser contains only pages which are abused for browser mining.
There are also a few pools in the browser list, which serves to stop very hard miners.

3. The list ListOptional contains different sites that offer mining software or simple crypto currency trading platforms.

5. The UBO List only contains browser mining URLs, this list is an additional list that Adblocker uBlock Origin users can use additionally to the other lists.


You can download all lists in the Downloads section for free.

If you have any questions, please contact me the different contact possibilities you can find on the Contact page.

If you find a bug, or want to contribute to the CoinBlockerList, open an issue on Github.
I will look into it as soon as possible and solve any problems as quickly as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, I wish you much fun using all of the CoinBlockerLists.

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